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Tried this out, its a decent way to pass some time, especially compared to most apps. Its not anywhere near as bad with the micro-transactions game apps are famous for. I hope it comes to Android soon cuz Id rather play it on my Zenfone.

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Re: iOS Fallout Shelter

Playing it now, fucked up my first vault within a day trying to get as many rooms as i could as quick as i could. Now i'm softly softly catchy monkey. keeping all resources at the top and my needs as low as possible. Just got the gym so training some level 1 wasteland refugees to full strength for door guards and or stand ins whilst i train power plant workers stats to max, not an overly taxing game which is fine by me but some strategy involved maintains a nice balance which i like.

Re: iOS Fallout Shelter

My guy got it on his phone and made little avatars (?) of us. I called him stupid and started playing New Vegas smile. I'm such a horrible bitch and he a masochist.

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Re: iOS Fallout Shelter

Looks awesome, I went to get it but apparently my phone isn't compatible, time for an upgrade

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Re: iOS Fallout Shelter

My little brother told me to get it, it's on my iPad but I just don't have the time for it at the mo.

Nor, sadly, this place. Catch you all soon!

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