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So I found this on reddit. People post writing prompts of their own choosing, then people respond and the best ones get pushed to the top. A lot of the prompts there are dumb, though, so I thought we could do some here. Doesn't matter how long or short your story is, just try to make it interesting and relevant to the prompt.

Here is an example of one of the better ones I found:

[WP] Instead of the oceans covering the earth, forests are in its place, making it possible to walk from continent to continent. Like oceans, it gets deeper and darker and creatures get more aggressive and rarer to see. You are tasked to document a trek through one of the oceans of your choice.

"Congratulations Thomas! You have completed the Atlantic forest trek!"
"Thank you."
"Did you know you are the very first to accomplish such a feat?"
"Do you know how many before you have tried?"
"I....I don't think that's correct Thomas, our fact checkers at the station said there were only 36 official attempts"
"That did not include unofficial attempts."
"I..How do you know this?"
"It is not important."
"What did you see? Did you come across any monsters?"
"Nothing? No unspeakable horrors?"
"Help me out, you're on live TV. Say something..."
"It is safe. more humans should go into the forest."
"Interesting, well we have your wife and child here to celebrate your achievement"
"Yes, my... wife...and child"
"Thomas! I'm so glad you survived! come here and give me a kiss."
"I am happy to see you also."
"Joy, come here and give your daddy a hug! He did a really important thing today!"
"I don't want to."
"Why not hunny? there's the TV people here and everyone is watching."
"That's not daddy..."

So, as you see, not that much to it. Just be creative.
I'll throw out the first prompt, I guess. Who ever decides to respond, leave one of your own at the end of your post. Then the next person goes, and so on...

Prompt 1
After an alien invasion where billions of humans were exterminated, a handful of survivors come upon a high-ranking former NASA scientist who operated the most powerful telescope on the planet prior to the invasion. They take him back to camp and convince him to spill his guts about what happened and what went wrong...

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gnat wrote:

After an alien invasion where billions of humans were exterminated, a handful of survivors come upon a high-ranking former NASA scientist who operated the most powerful telescope on the planet prior to the invasion. They take him back to camp and convince him to spill his guts about what happened and what went wrong...

*copyright Ick McWang*

*(scene: camp type setting, forest clearing, NASA scientist bound and gagged. 3 survivors huddle around the fire. The survivors are ex? military, destination/origin unknown)*

Survivor 2: This fucking guy... are you telling me we are gonna save him? I don't give a fuck what he knows, he can't save us. He can't even tell us where some food is.

Survivor 1: Calm down, man, calm down. It's not every fucking day you come across a scientist. Especially one who has.. been here since the beginning. Come on scientist, fucking tell us already!?! What the fuck is going on?!??

*(scientist moans slightly, slumps over in the dirt. His injuries are taking a toll.)*

Survivor 3: Guys, this guy is hurting... he needs help...

Survivor 2: Help? Fucking help? I need help!! WE need help!! What in Gods name is a scientist worth right now, in this world? NOTHING! He ain't worth nothing! Fuck this man!

*(Survivor 2 walks off angrily a few paces, kicking the ground as he goes. He is muttering to himself, but no one can hear him)*

Survivor 3: We can't leave him... scientist or not, we pulled him out. He could help us.

Survivor 1: He also could kill us. We gotta think this through.

*(scientist is listening, while staying/pretending to be unconscious)*

Survivor 3: (whispers to Survivor 1) I wont kill this man. I wont leave him. We helped him, what are we afraid of? The truth?

Survivor 1: (whispers to Survivor 3) There is a LOT more to be afraid of than the truth!

(scene cuts to Survivor 2 walking back to the campfire. A rustle in the distance captures his attention. He tries to train his rifle sights on it, but it jumps out at him too fast. Luckily, his reaction clubs the creature in the head with his rifle butt while the other survivors fumble with their weapons. Looking indifferent, he picks up this fresh corpse of an unknown creature and walks back to the fire)

Survivor 3: What do you mean, more afraid of than the truth?

(Survivor 2 walks in, slams the unknown corpse on the ground in front of Survivors 1 + 3. Cut to scientist, listening in a quasi-dream state as the corpse is thrown down.)

Survivor 2: This here? This corpse? Tell me shit ain't fucked up. FUCKING TELL ME!!!

Survivor 3: Please, we cant jump to conclusions yet.... all creatures on Earth great and small...

Survivor 2: Shut up! No Bible bullshit!

(while they argue, the scientist has sat up and is listening, with an amused look on his face)

Survivor 2: Ive been against this shit from the beginning, and I am against it now. No more playing nice! No more fucking saving people! We save ourselves, and that's it!

Survivor 3: No! If we do that, what are we living for? What are we dying for?

SCIENTIST: (coughs)
DYING for?
You want to know what we are dying for?
Have you ever held a child in your arms? Looked down at that tiny innocent face? THAT is what we are dying for. And make no mistake, we are dying. At least, I am.
(scientist pulls out an old 3x5 picture of his family)
You either have something to live for, or something to forget. No one gets off easy.

Survivor 2: Motherfuck, We dont have time for this bullshit. Either he tells us what the fuck is going on, or I fucking blast him. We don't need a mouth to feed and wounds to heal. Fuck a scientist.

(Survivor 2 pulls his rifle out, and points it directly in the scientist's face. Breathing heavily, he aims, keeping his sight on the Scientist.)

Survivor 2: Talk, motherfucker. Or we are wasting oxygen.

(SCIENTIST slowly staggers to his feet. He pulls out his wallet from his back pocket.)

Scientist: My name is William McHafferty. And we are all going to die.

(the 3 survivors all look at each other in disbelief. Survivor 2 walks over and checks the id, while all 3 have weapons aimed at him)

Survivor 1: Why are we going to die?

SCIENTIST: Do you have any idea WHO that creature you killed was? Any idea of the ramifications of what you did? Shoot first ask questions later? Fucking morons.

(the survivors look amongst each other, not sure what to say)

SCIENTIST: Awesome, so I am tied up here with 3 imbeciles with a death wish.

(the survivors all tense up and cock their weapons, aiming at the scientist)

SCIENTIST: Go ahead, fucking shoot. Goddamn idiots....listen. What do you know about space? About stars? About.. creatures? Not a damn thing, I am sure. That's why I am the scientist, and you are the soldiers.

(Survivors lower their weapons)

SCIENTIST: Listen to me. You may not have meant wrong, you may have been protecting your own, but you just killed one of theirs.

(scientist looks towards the corpse Survivor 2 tossed)

SCIENTIST: They aren't gonna come here to talk damages. They are gonna come after you.

(Survivors all look towards one another, concerned that they are on the outside)

SCIENTIST: But... I know a place. A place where I can heal and they can't get you. We can... work as a team.

(survivors look at each other, than nod in agreement)

Survivor 2: Yeah... a team. We can spare some time to heal up, but I swear to God, scientist, I wlll break your neck with my bare hands if you are fucking us.

(scientist hears the threat, kinda pops his collar at it)
SCIENTIST: I need you. You need me... "Fucking" has nothing to do with it. Please, lets move on.

Survivor 1: So... if you are some big NASA scientist... what was in that big telescope we had focused in outer space? What planets did we find?

Survivor 2; There any living things? Im sick of looking for bacteria, I wanna look for pussy.

SCIENTIST: Don't be crude. There are lots of organisms to be on the look for.

Survivor 3: Do we need to load them up two by two? Like the Ark?

(Scientist LOL's)

SCIENTIST: Like the ark? In the BIBLE? Young man, I applaud your gestures, but please dont take a 2,000 year old guide of life so literally. If all life relied on us getting a few pairs of wild animals on a ship to survive for all time, well...

(Survivor 3 quickly walks up into the scientist's face)

Survivor 3: HEY! Listen. I can listen to a lot of bullcrap out of your mouth, but I wont have you disrespecting the Bible on my watch. Disrespecting the Lord, disrespecting how things work. Cmon man

(SCIENTIST looks 3 in the eye, piercing.)
How things work?
You don't know shit yet, son.
I've been in and out of the Lord's blessings.


so I am supposed to kick this back to anyone. Well, come get it. Otherwise, I can flesh this thing out a bit.

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Well, its up to you. You can choose to have the next person add on to yours, or you can leave a completely new prompt. The prompt can be a scenario like mine, or a title, name, etc. anything really, then its up to them which way to take it.

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I like this idea. Someone make a new prompt and i can run with it

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Keep numbering the prompts, too, like I did so they can be referenced in the future.

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Prompt #3: you get on a train downtown with the intentions of getting off in the suburbs to visit family. You fall asleep on the train and wake up at the end of the line hours from where you planned to get off. You quickly notice there's something very eerrie about the town you're stuck in for five hours until the next train arrives.

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Reply to prompt #3.

“buddy, last stop. You got to go” the conductor said while nudging me.
when’s the last train” I asked”
“You missed the last one there won’t be until morning tough life you got to go”
Still groggy I reached in my pocket for my phone but it was dead. “come on kid you need to get off”
I stormed up and walked off onto the platform I could hear the wind howling. Within seconds the train was gone. I could hear a metal gate being shut and I ran towards the sound. I could see the rows of light above me slowly shutting off.  “Wait hold the gate!” I shouted. By the time I got there the gate was closed and I was locked in
I was stuck inside the train station. I sat down frustrated and I tried to take a few deep breaths in. I started hearing chatter coming from the very end of the platform. I got up to investigate and slowly walked towards the chatter. I sighed in relief when I noticed two people in the distance. They had some light.  I was about five feet away when I noticed a blonde girl was performing fellatio on a guy.
“Hey kid do you mind?”. He looked over with a smirk on his face.
I was taken aback. I’m so sorry, please excuse me” I said.
Blake who is this kid! The blonde sprung up. Licking her lips she stared directly at me.
I started turning around.
“Don’t turn your back on me kid.” The blonde yelped. She got up. I turned my face. I didn’t feel comfortable just seeing his dick like that.
Hey kid how old are you?
I’m 18.
She walked up to me and whispered in my ear You ever been laid kid?
I tried to talk but I couldn’t
“It’s a yes or no question. Have you ever fucked a girl, have you ever made a girl cum. Have you ever made her moan?” She reached around and started grabbing my butt and upper thigh.
“He’s a virgin “Blake said smiling. Blake was right of course. Two years ago I had almost lost my virginity at Adam’s senior graduation party but I had gotten whisky dick before I could seal the deal. I embarrassed and drunk and I started crying. Mary caressed me and said that it was normal and that we could try again in a few hours but I passed out and the next day she posted on online about it and I was the butt of a giant joke for the entire summer.  I guess I never really comfortable around girls after that.
His eyes were jet black. You couldn’t see his pupils. Blake just stood there giving himself a hand job. With a big fucking grin over his face.
I stood there frozen not knowing what to do or say. The blonde started kissing my neck than she gnawed at it.
I pushed her off. She came back and wrapped her arms around me. she was behind me. she continued to kiss my neck. It hurt but it felt good.
Don’t resist or will beat your ass she whispered in my ear. She continued on “I’ll have Blake throat fuck you and if you bite will cut your fucking dick off and jam it down your throat. “she warned. 
I took a deep breath and tried to calm my thoughts. I don’t know how to explain it but I felt strange, part of me was in shock but the other part wanted to see where things would go. She reached around and put her hand down my pants and grabbed for my cock.
“Your already hard kid but its small.” She giggled “Honestly, I don’t know if anything is there. Take a look.” She laughed pulling my pants down. My heart started racing. 
“Virgin would you like me to suck you off?” “Would you like to fuck me?” she persisted.
“If you don’t start talking virgin we are going to make the decisions for you Blake snarled.
I paused for a second and then grabbed the blonde and pulled her head down. “Oh you can get rough. she giggled”
She got into a squat position and with her right hand started giving me a handy and a few seconds later my entire cock went into her mouth. My head jolted back and my mouth opened wide, my breathing got much heavier, I kept squirming. I felt ticklish. I had never felt anything like this before. I couldn’t help but smile and I looked over at Blake who was stroking himself his eyes glued to mine. We kept staring at each other. I hated this man. Who the hell did he think he was. I wondered why he got so much enjoyment out of this. I looked around. Lights overhead were dim and flickering. I could hardly see anything past ten feet in all directions. I was locked the station wouldn’t open for another 4 hours and I was balls deep into this man’s companion. The night was just beginning.

Your turn.

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Wow...that took an unexpected turn. And he hasn't even made it to the eerie town yet!

Just to clear something up, if you decide to respond to a prompt, always leave another prompt. That way there will be a plethora of options. If someone wants to use an old prompt or add on to someone elses story, thats fine, though.

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prompt number 4:

150 words. 

think of a time that you were feeling fearful and write about it. It can be from any time period in your life.

feel free to continue prompt 3

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A real life instance? Alrighty.

Over the summer when I was working a job out in Colorado I decided to take an evening hike through the river valley. It was early June so tourist season hadn't really begun yet. The snow had just melted in the last month. At higher elevations there was still a ton of snow so all the rivers and creeks at low elevation were gushing with water. I pull into the parking lot and notice there's no other cars. And I thought "perfect, i have the whole place to myself for some true natural solitude." About half a mile up the trail I came across a flooded out section. I went off the trail and climbed through some thick vegetation to get around it. Half a mile was way too soon to turn around. I needed to keep going. Shortly after that I came across a moose. Couldn't tell if it was a male or female because it was too early in the season for the antlers to be visible. Little known fact, moose are the most dangerous animals in the Rocky Mountains. They kill more people than the wolves, grizzly bears, mountain lions and black bears they share territory with in the U.S.. They're more dangerous than the Canadian Rockies' kodiak bears. They kill more people than all the aforementioned animals AND the jaguars of the Mexican Rockies combined. They even kill more people than alligators, crocodiles and poisonous snakes in the American south. That being said, moose are only dangerous if you encroach on their territory which many people do because they think herbivores are not dangerous and they want good pictures. Other people have no choice but to encroach on their territory for their own safety.

This moose was a good 25 feet off the trail so I slowly kept walking making sure he was not going to charge. After hiking another 45 minutes (and consuming a large amount of Colorado cannabis) I decided to turn around and head home because it was getting dark. Upon my return to the spot where the moose was, it had moved closer. It was about 10 feet off the trail now. Much too close for comfort. I stood and waited for what seemed like an eternity hoping it would move so i could get safely home with no luck. It just stood there, staring at me. Darkness was setting in as the thick pine forest blocked the rays of the setting sun. The giant Rocky Mountain mosquitoes were starting to swarm. Off in the distance I heard the shrieks of a mountain lion. Mountain lions aren't a real danger to humans but attacks are not unheard of. The National Park has three recorded deaths by mountain lions in the past 50 years. This shriek sent me into a bit of a panic. I was the only car in the parking lot and I went through a ton of effort to get past the flooded section of the trail. If im attacked by a mountain lion and survive with injuries nobody will be coming to my aid. If I try and get past the moose and it tramples me, nobody will be helping me. I also broke the #1 and #2 rules of solo hiking: I didnt tell anyone I was going out and I did not pack emergency overnight supplies. I knew mountain lions were in the area, it was getting dark and a moose was blocking my route home. I was caught between a rock and a hard place and being super stoned was not helping.

With visibility decreasing by the second (things get dark very quick at high elevation) I needed to get out of this situation. I tried clapping and yelling loudly hoping it would scare the moose away. No luck. I decided the only solution was to go off trail up the side of a steep hill to give myself enough space away from the moose. As I carefully climbed over fallen trees and through brambles it was a struggle to maintain my footing on a steep slope in the twilight and simultaneously keep my eye on the moose to making sure it hadn't begun to charge. A slip and a fall would send me down the hill and within 5 feet of the moose. Whether a moose can charge up a steep hill was unknown to me. After a slow and cautious climb I made it a safe distance from the moose and proceeded to power walk back. I told myself to never again let myself be in a situation like that. I had a few other close calls with moose that summer but nothing as dire or as tense as that.

As for prompt #3 i'll let the next person continue that rather than me making a new one because I wanna see how it develops. Totally different from what I envisioned when I made the prompt so i'll let everyone else run with the idea.

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I enjoyed reading that chisox.
Really shows the different enviroment to different fears, over here there is really no danger from animals other than domesticated dogs going feral and that's a rare instance nowadays was much more so when i was lil and strays were still an issue. The only time i got stuck in the woods at night i was taking a shortcut and got shot at by lampers(lampers are people who shine lights into small animals eyes and shoot at the reflection ushually with air rifles, which whilst can kill you are more likely to really fucking hurt unless they hit your face) strange really how living in big citys means your main source of fear is other human beings.
Anyway kudos good read

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chisox100 wrote:

As for prompt #3 i'll let the next person continue that rather than me making a new one because I wanna see how it develops.

I just hope they do it quickly before yb takes over and that poor moose gets bum-raped yikes

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Can we bring this thread back?

Here's a new prompt:
One night you're home alone and you can't sleep so you're walking around your house looking for something to do. You look out the front window and see a suspicious car parked in front of your house. You decide to walk out and get a closer look...

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