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I have the following I'm willing to torrent, in no particular order(if I can figure it all out)

The bands as followed:

The Benjamins - The Art Of Disappointment
7 Seconds Of Love - Danger Is Dangerous
Uncle Brian - It Just Seems Right
The "Gone With The Wind" Of Punk Rock Samplers
Violent Delight - Transmission
Ednas Goldfish - Before You Knew Better
King Prawn - Surrender To The Blender
Graveltrap - Concrete Of Udder Chaos
Not Katies - At Every Turn
Uncle Brian - It Just Seems Right EP
Pour Habit - Suiticide
4ft Fingers - From Hero To Zero
Ednas Goldfish - The Elements Of Transition
Element 101
Imperial Leisure - The Art Of Saying Nothing
Tuuli - Here We Go
Antifreeze - Four Letter Words
Whitmore - Solstice Rise
Compunktion - Vol 1
Mixtwitch - Smile For The Money Shot
Sola Beat Alliance - Island Fire
4ft Fingers - At Your Convenience
Farse - Means To An End
Uncle Brian - Barbecue Music
Jesse James - Punk Soul Brothers
Cousin Joey - Exposure LTD
Farse - Boxing Clever
Punk o Rama - 8
Spankboy - Medication
Whitmore - Smoke The Roach

Any help with how to upload my music will be appreciated.
I'm technically minded, but a complete virgin to torrenting.

Re: CD Rips

Norwood has a pretty good guide here:

and there are several other good reads in the "help" section of the board. When in doubt, just keep asking!

As for your list, Pour Habit - Suiticide and Punk O Rama 8 are already here, but I do not remember any of the others being available yet

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Re: CD Rips

I'm stuck. My trackers say invalid passkey. Cheers for the help by the way.

Re: CD Rips

I can't remember what that is exactly.  I think it may be that you downloaded the wrong torrent.  You need to download the one at the top of the page.  The one for seeders.  Not the one for leechers or the one that maybe saved on your computer.  I'm sure someone  will correct me on this shortly.

PM me if you need a seed on one of my posts.
Hit & run leechers can go to hell.  I will stop posting if I see my torrents with 0 seeds right after I post it.
Thanks to donors and people who post something.