Topic: Do YOU know who this band is I heard on a mixtape way back in like 95?

OK SOooooo THE ONLY info I can remember is that they were BADASS Oi anti-skin oldschool punk!!! Narrow it down haha? For real they were badass and had a way awesome chick lead singer. I can remember one of the songs and some lyrics....I'll do my best! (if you know I'll su** yoXXXXXX I'll give you an invisible but totally REAL internet hi-five! Plus if you come to Gig or Tacoma WA we can catch a show and i'll buy u a beer if that's what your're into lolol)


Chorus went like this

Hey you fuckin bully... -
Hey you fuckin NAZI!!!!


The only lines of the song i remember were

Go ahead and dance with your ELBOWS UP 
vi-o-lence  makes me want-to-throw up
I don't know why you just don't give it up
we're  sick of you....we've had enough

then the chorus

hey u fuckin bully hey u fuckin nazi why    don't    u     just     leeeeeeaaaave

OK!!!! If you know um you would remember this song. Do yoU?????? WHO!!!???? NEEEDDDDDD!!!!

So yeah i also vaugely remember a superserious song about molestation or rape. But 4sure the entire album was an excellent work of art and i remember loving every song. Which was a VERY TALL order considering the thrash type shit i really dig. The rawer the better i always say!!! OK i'm not gonna front just cuzz im on the internets haha I looooove me some Mr. T EXP, ALL, Screeching weasel, teen idols, and any other sappy girl break up song ballid writing punk anthem catchy as fuck havin albums!!! I love all kinds of Punk man its just so weird that like ALL punk speaks to me but almost zero of any other genera does. Sure I love Rap.....a 3-4 rappers. Country? AWESOME! like literally a couple...Johnny cash and some bluegrass shit. oh and hank III But yeah! I used to think I was Anti ska......until i listened to some that DID MOST DEF NOT suck. Suicide Machines anyone? Shoot Op Ivy. I even thought EMO was the anti music....but alas i have found some shit there too. Fall out boy can be good sometimes...oh and say anything! badass. SO ANYWAYS!!!! I JUST found you guys and JUST joined before i wrote this post. If you stuck with me, shoot me a message we'll turn each other on to some new bands yeah?!

Thanks for reading.....even more thanks if u know the band or take time to respond!


Re: Do YOU know who this band is I heard on a mixtape way back in like 95?

I dont know the band offhand, but someone here may. Long shot, but would you happen to remember the label they were on?

"We've been divided, we've been bled,
Like a chicken without a head.
Running frantically amuck
Taking but not giving a fuck."