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Guana wrote:

You know, I thought of the lovely Ms Distras when I posted the other night, she really hasn't done herself any favours, if she'd issued a polite take-down and fucked off she'd have been fine, but she had to join the site and start attacking the members with her homeless and breadless bullshit and now she's a laughing stock. I've seen it a few times, most notably when Bobby Steele did exactly the same thing on PT a good few years back and tried suing them for a couple of million dollars then ripped into the members, he got savaged on PT, it spilled quite nastily onto his own website and he still isn't taken seriously today (the 9 toed twat)
Both artists had their entire discogs posted on public trackers out of spite, and those trackers won't take down the torrents no matter how nicely you ask and can't be shut down with a damning report or angry phone call.
In the long run they've both done themselves more damage than they would have suffered if they'd have left the original torrent a few weeks and let it sink unseeded to the bottom of the forum.
That bloke who did it here on (I think) the last version of the site did it right, he joined the forum and had an intelligent conversation about file-sharing, didn't get all pissy (even though he was given a bit of a hard time *cough Gnat cough!*) and he came across well, I nearly bought a couple of his cd's just because I liked him, wasn't that into the band though.
Can't remember the name of the band though, someone remember it for me..
and Howling mate, you will always be my special friend, funny hat or not wink

It was the dude from The Ducky Boys.


Re: do not post anything on Jailhouse Records

Yeah thats why i pretty much stayed out of this one. End of the day it really makes no difference to me.

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