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Hey guys, I wonder if I can get some suggestions from you since I have no clue what to download or listen to anymore. Yeah, I know, fooking stupid question, but still...

I started in my very early years listening to some new wave (Virgin Prunes/Einstürzende Neubauten/ Red Lorry Yellow Lorry) and some older bands like for example The Sonics, but I can't really be bothered by that anymore.
Later I listened to The Cramps alot, before switching to The Meteors/Skitzo/Krewman and such. In my early 20s I discovered Dead Kennedys, and was a while into punk, mostly again more common bands like NoFX/Vandals/Guttermouth/(early) GreenDay and Offspring.
Then bam, life happened: wife, kid, house and such, and I just kept listening to all the old things I had lying around.
About 5 years ago I really got all sick of the music I had and ran into some metal bands, SOAD/Slipknot/Pantera/Slayer, older bands too but they felt renewing somehow, and made me download more metal. So lately I've been listening to mainly thrash metal like Bonded By Blood/Fueled By Fire/Lich King, and also some punk like Propagandhi (later albums).

Yeah yeah, long story, bunch of crap really, but maybe someone can make me any suggestion on some newer bands? I'm not into Ska, no psychobilly anymore unless The Meteors (and then only live), I really like things fast now. So if anyone can suggest any newer bands in the crossover thrash/thrashcore/hardcore punk genres or whayever you call it (I don't like genre labelling very much) I will be more than pleased.  wink

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i like these dudes for the fun of it and the music is not bad

see for yourself

try these this guys they used  to got their stuff for free in bandcamp (but not anymore) and these dudes r really great

is all crossover stuff not my most thing but is good

hey,thanks for sharing....
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They are not newer bands but i think you ve never listened them before. Bc of this, maybe they are newer bands for you. Radical Noise(hardcore-It is a Turkish band) , Carnophage(Technical Brutal Death Metal) , Hellsodomy(Oldschool Death) , Suicide(death metal), UÇK Grind(grindcore), Thrashfire(Thrash). You can check them, i think you ll like

Thanks: Dwarsligger1

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