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Topic: Guide: Maintaining a Ratio!

What is my ratio?

Your ratio is the amount of data you've uploaded divided by the amount of data you've downloaded.

Why is it important?

Private trackers keep track of ratios because it is a way of telling if you are a good seeder or hit and run (downloading without seeding torrents).  Basically it keeps in check if you're giving anything back to the community.  It is important to seed back torrents because if you don't other peers won't be able to leech that torrent, which will cause it to die, which is not good.

What is considered a good ratio?

I'm not sure what exactly is considered a 'good' ratio on POS, but usually about .5 is the worst you ever want it to be, anything above that is, in my opinion, acceptable.  A good ratio is 1.  This means you have seeded back the same amount of data that you have leeched.  This doesn't mean you should strive for .5, it means you should aim at seeding all of your torrents to at least 1 if not more  I personally try and make sure I keep at least a ratio of 2.000 on every private tracker I am a part of

So...How do I keep it up?

If you use uTorrent like I do there is a handy tab which you can sort your torrents by their individual ratios, thereby letting you know when you can delete torrents out of the client once you have hit 2.000 or whatever, if you have low bandwidth

Leaving your torrents active in your client until they hit a good ratio is the best way to maintain it.

I'm in big trouble, my ratio is very low and my username is pink, help pls

This isn't a big deal, as long as you realize you fucked up.  One thing you can do is redownload the torrents to the same place you downloaded them in the first place, also known as reseeding.  Also make sure you're not downloading whole discographies.  Since discographies can be goldmines for ratios, as people want all of an artists works at once, a trick is to downloading only one album from the torrent, which can be done by clicking the check boxes next to the folders that it prompts you with.  Another way is to simply upload albums from your own collection that aren't up yet.  Be sure to search for the album before uploading.  Don't double post unless you have the album in a higher bitrate.  The best is to upload a FLAC rip.  Another trick I have picked up is to go into the request forum, find a request that hasn't been filled yet, then search google with that album followed by .zip or .rar which will show you places you can directly download them then upload them here.  Make sure they sound ok, and have tags.

But I don't wannna
Your requests won't be filled, people will look at your pink name with disdain, and you could be banned.  It's part of torrenting that private trackers take seriously.  Maintaining a good ratio can open up countless invite only private trackers.  I started out on PunkTorrents, by building a good ratio on there I have been a member of Waffles.fm, What.cd, IPTorrents, Demonoid, and Kraytracker.  Seriously, Just Do It.

But my connection sucks

I have been torrenting for about 8 years now, and I have never had a fast connection, this is not an excuse almost all of my ratios are above 7.  My lowest being 1.89 on a website where it is extremely hard to keep a good ratio. 

I have no time to seed, and my connection is really shitty but I have an extra 10-20 bucks to use a month

Check out a seedbox! Seedboxes are proxy servers dedicated to seeding torrents! They cost money but they are so so so so worth it.  Here is a guide to some: http://cheapseedboxes.com/top-10-seedbo … ers-cheap/

I personally use whatbox.ca

Please feel free to ask any questions in this thread! I or any other member that can answer them will be happy to assist, the main part about this whole thing is that you try to maintain a good ratio.  Never hit and run!

Edit: One thing I forgot! always say thanks. This will bump the thread, which will make it so everybody can see it at the top of the forum, which will make more people want to download it, leeching from you! (Also, it's a nice thing to do for those of us who take time to upload torrents)