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im gonna get emo!
me and the missus split up after 6 years! I remeber posting about her on here when i just met her and i was well into her.
i feel like shit- for any of you new ones, ive been posting here intermitently for ten years.
i just feel so lonely, like, i love her and she doesn love me, thats so fuking painful to know.
We were engaged, we were planning our wedding, i was excited about having kids with her! and now...nothing, i just dont know what to do.
I 've lost my partner in crime! When I do something exciting, or when i make something (music, art...anything) the person iwant to share it with just isnt there.
i dont knwo what to do, i dont know how to deal with this.
im drunk, ive been drunk for the past 2 weeks, thats the only thing that seems to help, but i know its not helping
apologies for my 'return post' being so shit, but i feel like shit. deal with it.

Re: 6 years and over

Ouch sorry dude what happened?

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She decided she weren't happy no more.
Apparently she's felt like this for six months...fucking nice of her to tell me.

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Well that sucks, sir. I'm no good with these things since I've conditioned myself not to give a shit when a relationship ends, don't really want to be in another one, and no longer believe in "love" so.... wanna hug it out?

As I don't get why she waited so long and decided to drag the relationship out when she wasn't happy while also dragging you along, as a woman I STILL don't get why they do this, I guess I can see it from a possible perspective of her not knowing how to go about it at that time. Sometimes, things change when two people get engaged and start actually thinking about "married life" and whatnots. I guess what I'm getting at is you'll get through it and move on. Maybe it was for the best, i don't know, I don't know shit about yall's relationship/life. You can always love her but don't dwell on not being with her. It'll pass.

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Re: 6 years and over

Pretty much the same thing happened to me, man.

I woke up one day and realized my life as i knew it was over.
And i had to pick shit up and start anew.

It gets easier, man.

Pm me if you wanna vent.

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Re: 6 years and over

make music. you are good at it.

i dont say that flippantly.

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Re: 6 years and over

My guess is that she waited six months because she was hoping the feeling would pass and when it didnt she felt it was time to act. Perhaps time apart will bring her back to you. Keep that hope in the back of your mind while preparing yourself to move on is the best way to stay sane.

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Re: 6 years and over

That's rough mate, I remember you talking about her in the other thread, you sounded really happy, I'm not the best one to give advice in this situation, I've never been in a long-term relationship that's ended unfortunately, but do you think that it had anything to do with the upcoming wedding? I've always said that engagements that last a while are a bit dodgy, if the relationship goes off a bit then there's usually a knee-jerk break up, if it stays good then there's always the worry that marriage will change things and you have too much time to overthink things. Best bet is treat it like a plaster and rip it off quickly in one go rather than take your time with it, when you're sure you want to get married, get engaged then get married as quickly as possible, get it over with.
Even though I've never been in the same situation, I've seen it happen to virtually all my mates, and after the "end of the world" period they've all bounced back and eventually ended up with someone that makes them just as happy, it just doesn't feel possible at the time.
Keep your chin up fella.

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