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I want to like this group so bad, as a big fan of Rage Against The Machine and limited doses of Audioslave. I like the music, but really, B-Real from Cypress Hill? I like Cypress HIll when I am smoking weed, but I've never put B-Real in a category with Chuck D. I realize they are mostly going to be playing RATM/Cypress Hill/Chuck D Greatest Hits but they are making new music too, like the self titled song "Prophets of Rage" and at least one other I heard, "Party Is Over". Hopefully B-Real proves me wrong, it wouldn't be the first time.

This video is their music mixed with a decent interview in a quick fashion. If you have any interest in the above named bands you have to check it out.

I also find it crazy that if Zach De la Rocha is such an activist for the Central and South American People, where has he been the last year and a half Trump has been stampeding around?

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Apparently Zach is the reason its not a full RATM reunion. I'd love to see this live. But its the weekend before Riot Fest. Can't afford to do two big events in such a short span even if I could get the time off work.

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Wow there really gonna finally do it eh? It seems i was still in high school when they started talking about this! I do remember r.a.t.m. first choice for a singer was Ray Oropeza from downset then it went to b-real but they decided to move away from wanting to do rap metal and thus Audioslave was born. I wouldn't hold my breath on anything ever coming out of the studio as B-real was suppose to, i think, do a project with fear factory that was going to come out like ten years ago too ( if you check the prp's upcoming release archive section every 90's band was suppose to do a cross over with every other one and twenty years later they still haven't except for the one or two demos they put on there myspace's back in the day)

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