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There's to much for me to quote so I'll say i agree with pretty much everything you both just said, The way D.C. is going is we're just gone to end up with one over stuffed movie where there going to have to have a characters battle royal instead of a plot! And as Bettie said about the comics I'm happy with my Animated series because at least there they give a fuck about story line development (I'm watching the new adventures right now and between us and every body reading this i think Mark Hamill has been the best joker sense Jack Nicholson) Oh Bettie about the jokers daughter, Well I'll let you watch first smile

Seriously, that damn the Animated Series was my everything as a child, along with the Ironman, X-men and Spiderman ones. That cartoon was where I instantly fell for Joker and Harley, with Hamill being my all-time favorite Joker and Cockknocker (lol). The cartoons back then offered more than what they do today, which seems to be just straight comedy which I sometimes appreciate (I don't give a damn, I love Teen Titans AND Teen Titans GO! because it MAKES ME HAPPY).

Oh Bettie about the jokers daughter, Well I'll let you watch first smile


I think their biggest problem has been the success of the gritty quasi-realistic Nolan Batman films.  They saw you could have a dark tone without humor to great effect and great box office totals.  I think the problem is that they can't find a tone they want, and Snyder isn't having any real consequences for putting out movies that are being critically panned and aren't bringing in enough money.  I haven't seen any of the DC movies since The Dark Knight Rises in theaters because even the trailers look awful.  And I just read an article today that the Wonder Woman movie is a mess, which is really unfortunate because the Comic Con trailer looked absolutely amazing.

And they're releasing more: Justice League, i think a Cyborg Movie, another Flash movie...can't remember the rest. I was a WW fan when I was a kid and, honestly, I think it was mainly because she was the only female superhero I knew of lol. The only reason I kinda wanna see JL is because I have a thing for Jason Mamoa and I really want to see how Cyborg works out, but I probably won't. Another thing people seem, including myself, have a problem with is that DC refuses to use it's TV actors for their movies which could put-off some fans of their shows (i.e. Gustin as the Flash in the series but Miller as Flash in the movies). Their excuse for that is their shows existing outside of the DCCU. If they were to make a Green Arrow movie, it wouldn't much make sense without Amell since he's done movies before. I don't think DC is ever going to try and bring something original because they have been so concerned with what Marvel is doing. Do they think Marvel gives a shit about what they're releasing? Marvel found its footing and niche in movies, which obviously works because people are always clamoring to their movies, and they know this and confident in their products. DC seems very insecure when it comes to movies and I find myself wishing they'd just stop. To be honest, the next comic movies I know I'm definitely going to see is Deadpool 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (I have a crush on Gamorra and they have Baby Groot!!!).

Sorry if this all seems jumbled and whacked, I'm under a lot of sinus meds at the moment lol and sneezing my tits off.

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Re: Batman vs Superman/Suicide Squad/Future DC

I think Jesse Eisenberg should be banned from acting. He ruined every scene he was in. I got to thinking if BvS actually had a truly awesome villain how much it would have elevated that movie. Doomsday was okay (after he powered up and stopped looked like a ninja turtle), but the whole fight seemed kind of rushed and boring. As good as Wonder Woman was, she should have been completely left out so they could have focused more on Superman.

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