Topic: Getting old suggest shit to me

Hey, My computer broke along with my portable harddrive a year or two ago. So lost all my torrent files, sorry if you've been waiting for my old files to seed.  I lost lots of my digital music. I don't get a chance to get on POS often anymore as I only got a phone.

Anyhow, I just wanted to ask if anyone could recommend new bands, I love the restarts the best and still listen to them most days. If you're listening to bands that sound similar, let me know. cheers!

Re: Getting old suggest shit to me

one way system, the varukers, infa-riot, lower class brats off the top of my head (and assuming you dont already have them)

Re: Getting old suggest shit to me

Wouldnt say theyre similar in style but ive been listening to The Interrupters a lot lately and theyre really good

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Re: Getting old suggest shit to me

I've got varukers and lower class brats, I haven't got infa riot, so I will check that out. Thanks.
Never heard of interrupters., thanks for the suggestion.