Topic: Favorite Bukowski short story

What is one of your favorite Bukowski short stories? I would like to read them this weekend. I am going through hot water music right now.

Re: Favorite Bukowski short story

I think it's more novella than short story, but Ham on Rye is pretty damn good.

Re: Favorite Bukowski short story

Ham On Rye is my favorite thing Bukowski published, followed closely by Factotum.

Bukowski is relatable to me.
I know that makes me sound terrible, but his harshness and honesty is something a lot of working class dudes can relate to.

His misogyny makes me cringe at times, but other than that, he's a damn entertaining read.


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Re: Favorite Bukowski short story

Yeah um... my mind instantly went to Kick Bukowski with that topic name. There's an author I don't know about? BLASPHEMY.

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Re: Favorite Bukowski short story

Isn't every Bukowski book interchangeable? Homeboy literally wrote the same book 20 times.

For me, it'd be hard to pick a favorite as they all kind of bleed together in my mind. Anything from Tales of Ordinary Madness.